Active Shooter America LLC



How it works


We are happy to consult with you about your needs and expectations before you book any training with us. Please call or email us and we will correspond with you until all of your questions or concerns are addressed. It is important that you feel comfortable and empowered to take the next step in booking a training class.


After consulting with us about your needs, we will tailor a training program specifically for your facility and staff. Typically, a good starting point in preparing your facility and staff for an Active Shooter Attack is attending the “Surviving Active Shooter Attacks” course.


Website Booking

You may book a class and reserve a date right from our website. The advantage to this is you reserve a specific date ahead of time and payment is already made. All that needs to happen after that is we show up and instruct your staff!

Net 30 invoice

You may choose to have us send you and invoice for services. We will also send you a contract for services to sign at which point the date will be set and payment made by you at your convenience.