The Parkland Shooting Anniversary and the Debate on Gun Violence


Today marks the one year anniversary of the shooting in Parkland, FL and once again, renews the ongoing debate of gun control in this country.  

When a tragedy such as this occurs, it’s natural for the human mind to want to find something to blame, because it makes us feel better. In the average citizen’s mind, If we can find something to blame (guns) then, maybe just maybe we can prevent attacks such as this from happening. The problem with this mentality is that these attacks are ultimately unpreventable. There, I said it. 

Could the gun laws get any more strict than they already are? Yes. 

Could mental health screenings be more in depth and prevalent before buying a gun? Yes.  

Could a person with criminal intent get around these laws and regulations if they truly wanted? Absolutely.  

Could we abolish all gun purchases from this day forth? Theoretically yes. However, even if this happened, there would still be millions upon millions of guns in homes across the country and that will never change. 

So, instead of trying to find an arbitrary culprit to blame so that we feel better, or feel like we’ve actually accomplished something....let’s actually address the real issues at hand that contribute to these attacks, shall we? Everyone plays a part and most of us don’t want to hear this, but here goes...

  1. Focus on parenting and early warning detection. Listen to those pre-incident indicators that are almost always there.  
  2. Address issues before there is a problem  
  3. Stop the media from glorifying these attacks 
  4. Focus on damage mitigation and reaction rather than prevention.  

These attacks cannot be prevented. They can only be discouraged and the damage mitigated through thorough preparation, planning, training and a complete change in mindset by all of those involved. 



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