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Life Tactics is a must-read book for anyone looking to learn about active threat response and how to survive in the face of malevolence. This book is not only informative, but it is also empowering, reminding readers that survival is their responsibility and providing them with the necessary concepts to face even the most dangerous of situations. The book is divided into four main sections: Proper mindset, Readiness, Immediate Action, and Follow Through. Each section builds on the previous one, helping you develop a complete strategy for dealing with emergencies and threats.


In the Proper Mindset section, you'll learn about the importance of developing the right mindset when it comes to survival. This includes threat identification, pre-incident indicators, using intuition and fighting situational denial. The Readiness section focuses on preparing yourself and your environment for emergencies. This includes considering emergency action plans, addressing safety and security concerns, and human psychological stress responses. In the Immediate Action section, you'll learn about the importance of taking action quickly and decisively when faced with an emergency. This includes concepts for immediate response in an active threat situation like deterring threats, door barricading, escape principles, and room defense. Finally, the Follow Through section covers the aftermath of emergencies and how to deal with the long-term effects. This includes trauma and stress considerations and applying life-saving medical interventions after an attack.


Throughout the book, you'll find practical advice and real-world examples that illustrate the concepts and principles being discussed. Whether you're preparing for a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or simply want to be ready for any unexpected situation, Life Tactics is an essential resource.

Life Tactics Paperback

  • Written by an active duty Federal Agent with over a decade of experience in active threat response training, Life Tactics is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to survival in the modern world. With its clear and concise writing style and practical advice, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to take their safety and preparedness to the next level.

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