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Personal Safety & Armed Threat Response Training

Sharing Years of Training and Instruction Experience with Those Who Need It.

Based in North San Diego County, Active Shooter America LLC is a training facilitator that specializes in Personal Safety and Armed Threat Response training, more specifically, we train individuals, teachers, schools, company employees, church members, members of the community and armed law enforcement & security personnel how to prepare for and respond to all manner of armed threats. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best instructional experience, with thorough yet concise information that is easy to understand and retain. Our mission is to empower, motivate and train our clients with effective, options-based concepts & principles that can be used in any situation, and will serve to better prepare them mentally and physically for the worst case scenario.

Our instructors have over two decades of combined instructional experience and are all current Federal Law Enforcement officers. We utilize the “Socratic Method” of instructing which empowers the students to make decisions, and guides them in finding solutions to problems with positive outcomes.

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Available Courses

The world can be a scary place to those who have never thought about protecting themselves against the worst-case scenario. This course was designed to introduce the participant to topics like Responding Under Life-Threatening Stress, Lessons Learned from Past Attacks, and the 6 Principles of Response.

Simply sitting through an Active Shooter class is not enough. In order to truly be effective, you need to connect those “Neural Pathways” in your brain by applying the principles & concepts with hands-on practical exercises and then reinforcing those skills using realistic scenario-based training.

Preparing for and responding to an armed threat is just the first step. In an actual encounter, there is a potential for many injuries, and it could take first responders several minutes to get to you. During that time, there’s a chance people could die from blood loss or other injuries. This course trains the participant in those critical bleeding control techniques.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
— George Santayana


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