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Active Shooter America is a new company located in Southern California that specializes in Active Shooter Response training for unarmed civilians and sworn law enforcement. No matter if you're a librarian, teacher, soldier or police officer, there is a course for you and/or your family.

We utilize expert subject matter knowledge and instructional experience in order to effectively train those that might find themselves in harm's way during an Active Shooter attack or other life threatening disaster. Our method of instruction uses a principle and concept based approach that contains easy to understand information along with scenario based training in order to create those necessary mental scripts that the brain can draw from in a life threatening event. 

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The most popular training that we offer is the “Surviving Active Shooter Attacks” course which is classroom-based. This is the first step in preparing for survival and is focused on empowering and motivating the participants to be accountable for their own lives, teaching awareness and taking action. Click below for more information!

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Chris has a mastery of the course material and the ability to train people that most do not possess
— Attendee
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